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La vie est meilleure sur l'eau.

Day Sail

Explore English Bay over to Bowen Island. Max. 3 students. 



We start the day in the galley with a welcome coffee and safety briefing. We'll discuss your goals for the day. We then get underway heading out into English Bay, aiming to get the sails up as soon as possible.


We'll learn:

  • check the weather;

  • read tide timetables and charts;

  • how to tie essential sailing knots;

  • how to raise the sails and proper trim;

  • how to use the tiller to steer,

  • sailing "rules of the road".


Tea and coffee are available on board.

Anchor for Day Sail
Anchor for half day sail

Half Day Sail 

Whether you're a beginner or just short one time, this one's for you!


We will start the morning on the boat at Granville Island Public Dock with fresh coffee. Then we will hoist the sails and explore English Bay.


We'll learn:

  • learn basic sailing terms 

  • the 'rules of the road' when boating

  • a few essential knots

  • how to raise the sails and proper trim

English Bay Evening Sail

4-7pm sailing lesson in and around English Bay. A good intro or refresher, or just a nice way to unwind after work!


Step aboard our captivating evening sail.

This immersive sailing experience merges adventure

with education.

We'll learn:

  • boat basics

  • safety protocols

  • wind dynamics

  • sail trim and handling

all against the backdrop of a picturesque sunset.

As the sun dips below the horizon, we dock at Granville Island, perfectly timed for a delightful dinner at one of the local restaurants.

Anchor for evening sail

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