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Best sailboats for beginners - A beginner's guide to sailboats

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

When you're a beginner, it's important to start with the right boat. You want to be able to make mistakes and learn from them without feeling like you're going to sink the whole time.

If you're new to sailing, the Laser 420 is a good small sailboat for beginners. It's light, manoeuvrable, and easy to control. It weighs 100kg and is designed for 2 crew, but it's also great fun for single-handing once you're more confident on the water.

The Laser 420 is a high performance dinghy often used for teaching, racing and recreation, with a centreboard and daggerboard. It has an elliptical boom and mainsail so you can learn how to control your lines and tack in no time at all.

You'll love the way the Laser 420 cuts through the water with its powerful rig, but what really makes this boat stand out is how easy it is to sail.

It is also extremely easy to transport and store.

The Laser 420 has a deep keel and low center of gravity, which means it's stable and forgiving in rough waters. The Laser 420 is light enough to be able to launch yourself (from a dolly). Plus, it's affordable! If you're looking for something that will help you learn the ropes without breaking the bank, this is your boat.

If you're looking for something with more space or features, there are other options available on the market:

The Wayfarer has more room inside and out than a 420, It weighs 182kg and can carry up to 6 people. This boat has an extremely shallow draft and wide beam, which makes it easy to paddle through shallow waters or take out on lakes where there isn't much current (or where currents are too strong). It can be launched by two people when using a dolly to launch.

The Wayfarer has an adjustable mast height so you can set up your rig just right, plus it has simple foot straps instead of footstraps that need adjusting every time you get in or out of position.

You will feel confident and sturdy in a Wayfarer; able to tackle further distances and rougher waters than you would in a 420. It really is a joy to sail.

Prices for the Wayfarer comes in slightly more than a 420, but keep your eye out for good deals on used Wayfarers. Sailing club for sale was are a good place to check!

Some sailing yards also often have bailiff sales, where boats whose membership hasn't been paid for several years are auctioned off.


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