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The Ocean is Our Way of Life.

She Sails Vancouver is a safe space for women - and those identifying - on the water, offering sailing lessons on a 24-foot keelboat.


Learning to sail is not just a journey on the water; it's a transformative experience that extends beyond the deck.


She Sails Vancouver was founded to share an experience of healing through nature with anyone who is struggling - mentally, physically or emotionally - or for anyone seeking to be part of a nurturing, adventurous community that empowers each other. 


The confidence gained through learning any new skill fosters a mindset of capability, independence, and the courage to face new horizons in our everyday lives, where we can remind ourselves that we are capable and enough. 


We take a maximum of two students to ensure a tailored curriculum and personal attention.


We offer day sails, evening sails, and specialized clinics such as gybing and docking. Operating locally in Vancouver out of Granville Island, lessons unfold in the picturesque waters of English Bay and the Howe Sound.


The sea is calling, it's time to answer.

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